Tyra banks show deadly teen dating

The girl's mother, Beverly Mc Clendon, filed a lawsuit earlier this month in U. [and] the minor will not be used for pornographic purposes." Mc Clendon's lawyers said Tuesday the consent form that "The Tyra Show" received was clearly forged by the daughter, Jewel Ciera Washington.

America's Next Top Model host and mentor, Tyra Banks, has lead the tributes for a recent contestant on the reality series that was found murdered this week in what police say was a drug-related triple homicide.The lawsuit, which seeks million, contends that "The Tyra Show" used Washington's appearance to further its main goal of boosting ratings and, thus, bringing in advertising revenue. Attorney Wanda Jackson said that by publicizing Washington's alleged struggles with sex addiction, the program publicly exploited a teenage girl who confessed to having a serious problem.On the show, which aired in October 2009, Washington claimed she lost her virginity at 9 and had gotten pregnant three times -- claims that she now says weren't true, according to her lawyers. And it did so, she claims, without properly finding out whether the minor had her parent's permission to appear.The lights dimmed and Lauren's mesmerizing smile jumped off the screen.For the next few minutes, her last year of life unfolded. Lauren's three-year relationship had ups and downs like any other teenage union.

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