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It will keep on asking you to tag her in stuff even though it is breaking your heart! This development is only at its testing stage for US mobile users, so the relationship had to have been FB official before the feature can be applied. While every estranged cousin and elementary school acquaintance will see your beautiful union, none of them will know when it’s over. I returned my public relationship status back to single, hid it from my timeline, and people were still liking it!Eventually, the algorithms would take into account your lack of interaction with her, and she would stop flooding your interface. Oh gosh, who has heard of someone’s relationship being sanctified by the grace of Facebook post the tenth grade? Two random bloggers would have to throw it back to their early teens, enter a fake relationship on Facebook, publicly break up, and then explore this feature in first person, on their phones. To give the reader an immersive sense of just what happens when you take the FB plunge, here is a first-person account of my relationship-to-break-up over the course of two hours. Special shout out to the liberal relatives who really wanted to prove that they were “with it.”We should take a moment to mourn the loss of melodrama.

" Everyone I've ever dated looks nothing like me... I don't look like any celebrities, but apparently I have one of those faces that looks familiar to a lot of people.I always get flack for my choice in romantic partners, and in a more general sense, I don’t see people getting hyped anymore just because two people start going out. That’s more attention than I ever get for my blog articles! Would we encounter an angry mob after publishing this article, revealing it was all a lie? We were in over our heads, and the longer it continued, the more people would be disappointed/enraged when they discovered that we weren’t the next Cara Delevingne-St. Also, let’s remember that the entire point of this exercise was to investigate Facebook’s break-up feature. Come on, Facebook—spread the hate just like the love.It could be a symptom of hook-up culture and the breakdown of monogamy: “Despite Facebook relations in our generation being almost exclusively ironic, almost everyone bought that we were dating. Have we deprived Brown of the power couple that it never knew it had, until it was too late?! Where have the good times gone, when FB official relationships were messy precisely because everyone would be notified when you broke up?Among other things, you can control how often you see your old flame in your newsfeed, message bars and suggested tags, all without them knowing.An electronic way to get over your ex on FB may sound stupid and childish, but admit it: things were way easier before you were basically prompted to follow their every move.

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