Keanu reeves sandra bullock dating

While the original "Speed" was a major hit in 1994 that repositioned Reeves as an action star and gave Bullock her commercial breakthrough, three years later he decided not to sign on for the sequel, "Speed 2: Cruise Control." Bullock did, however, and the result was a critical and commercial disaster she'd probably rather two clearly enjoy each other's company.In interviews, Reeves had said, "Sandra's this energetic, wonderful, positive, talented person," and described her as "a girl with gumption, a feisty, pretty young thing." Bullock, meanwhile, has made it clear the feeling is mutual, calling Keanu "a very dashing leading man" and "suave and swashbuckling," and confessed that while making "The Lake House," she had fun sending him pics of her in a bikini.Reeves is in Toronto promoting his new movie "Man of Tai Chi," in which he stars and, for the first time, also directs.It just so happens Bullock was also in Toronto, where her new sci-fi epic "Gravity" was knocking out audiences in its North American premiere screenings.

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The pair have been enjoying a series of dates in LA, 17 years after they first met shooting 1994 hit Speed and five years since they reunited for 2006’s The Lake House.

Every breakout independent filmmaker faces the same challenge: Now what?

You could stick to your own taste and never make money on your movies; that requires a second career as a professor, screenwriter, commercial, music video, or TV director (see: Kelly Reichardt, Alex Ross Perry, Zal Batmanglij, Errol Morris).

Or, you can walk another tightrope: Try to build your cred without selling out, and parlay that surge of attention into a sustainable career.

Destin Daniel Cretton chose that path, and Lionsgate’s “The Glass Castle” starring Brie Larson is the result.

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