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Captain Sig and Jake from the Northwestern on Deadliest Catch join TACS via Skype to talk about their crabbing season,...More Wednesday’s TACS kicks off with Larry King joining Anthony via Skype to talk about his shows “Larry King Now” and “Politicking,” remaining impartial to political views when working, agenda pushing journalism, Walter Cronkite, excessive info due to social media, and technological advances. More Wednesday’s TACS starts with a recap of last night’s broadcast with Legion of Skanks, learning that a former fraternity member at University of Oklahoma has issued an apology, and Lionel joins the show via Skype to discuss his days in Sigma Alpha Epsilon, the “racist rant,” thought policing, people who...As the discoverers approached the submerged wreckage, they couldn’t have known what lay beneath the surface would reveal a twisting tale of drug smuggling, murder and an alleged FBI cover-up.It all came to a head near Panama City on a night so cold it snowed — Jan. The operation had been taking shape for months, according to court records, as FBI officials devised a plan to have 20 tons of Columbian marijuana delivered via “The Gunsmoke” to Sandy Creek in an attempt to apprehend a reputed drug smuggler.FBI officials had an informant enlist the help of more than a dozen men, including the then-30-year-old Goodwin, to carry out the operation, court records stated.It took a gruesome turn, though, when two ex-cons and two underage girls, going to the same area to be alone, stumbled upon the pot being hauled ashore to awaiting refrigerated trucks.Accredited by the Professional Standards Authority." As part of its commitment to protect the public, it works to improve access to psychotherapy, to support and disseminate research, to improve standards and to respond effectively to complaints against its members.UKCP standards cover the range of different psychotherapies.

David Monroe Goodwin, now 70 years old, was approved for parole Wednesday for his role in the January 23, 1977, quadruple homicide known as “the Sandy Creek murders.” He was the last person to remain incarcerated in what started as a clandestine FBI pot smuggling operation that escalated into the killings of two men and two teenage girls after the group stumbled across it.

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We’ve been bringing our readers excerpts from that transcript, in an effort to better understand the dynamics of what went on behind the scenes.

On Saturday we received another transcript from Mel: this one contained the Skype conversations between Mel and Angela’s American protegée Sandy Goodridge-Bergen, who was sacked from CCN just before Angie was.

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