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As I have gotten older, I can't help but notice how much I really appreciate the music that accompanies those childhood memories.I feel truly blessed a song like 'Your Song' by Bernie Taupin and Elton John has been with me all of my life.Have seen him live 4 times..of them in Madrid, only acoustic, EJ alone with his piano and the he said..the end, pls excuse me I need to play of of the most inspiring songs in my life..went on with Moon River (Breakfast at Tiffany's) by Henry Mancini......great show! I have vivid childhood memories where the music of the likes of Elton John and Chicago serve as the backdrop.This song always reminds me of the film Breaking the Waves, which in itself is such a haunting portrait of innocent/naive love. Much of this music I took for granted through my teen years and my 20's.These people are looking for information about moving here, and I don’t want them to get the impression that Norwegians are classless or distasteful (because most aren’t) from a blog post. As I approach my two-year anniversary in Norway, I have realized that there are many things I wish I had known, whether it be in a general or specific manner, about Norway prior to moving here.;) And a huge thank you in advance to those who comment with advice for those looking to move here! Of course, it would not have changed my plan to move here…it would have just made me more aware. Please feel free to add any others at the end if you’re an expat in Norway or have traveled there for any length of time! ‘Allemannsrett’: This law means that you can pitch your tent or hike anywhere in Norway.These policies apply to your conduct on Life Time's premises, which include its centers and all outdoor areas, including its parking lots, sidewalks, and outdoor pool, turf and child center play areas ("premises") or any use of Life Time's online, mobile or interactive offerings or websites.They also apply to your conduct during its programs, training, events or other Life Time-sponsored activities off the premises ("events").

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If the recent news that Walmart Canada plans to stop accepting Visa credit cards had you running for your wallet, you probably aren’t alone.Granted, you can’t pitch a tent in the middle of Frognerparken, but anywhere out in nature or mountains that are not private property is an absolute go. Hotels and hostels aren’t cheap in Norway, so this gives travelers and locals another way to be out in nature at an affordable cost.I have future plans to road trip up the Atlantic highway in Norway all the way to Lofoten and you can bet that this will be the route I go for the majority of the trip. Salaries: I constantly hear from Norwegians, even when irrelevant to a conversation, “We are so lucky to get paid so well here…that is why everything is more expensive.” This is not always true.a) This post has nothing to do with things I do or don’t like about living in Norway.If you’re curious about what those are (which, I love living in Norway, so they are basically all positives), you can find those articles here.c) However, if you’re Norwegian and care to add or make suggestions about what is listed, I highly encourage you to do so! don’t troll the internet hiding behind fake email address and identities and writing nastygrams to bloggers. Leave a real email address (it is private and only I can see it) and name, even if just a first name.

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