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I noticed that Golspie, Brora, Caithness etc had community Web Pages but not Helmsdale, and decided to do something about it.

This is my contribution to the people and village of Helmsdale.

I don't think anyone's mentioned "Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife", which is in my memory bank as the first song I heard by him on radio.

I also have a vague recollection of seeing him and a short-haired John Hartford doing "Gentle On My Mind" together on TV back then.

Unsupported, head dangling and flopping while he was running.

Sorry, I've handled wild cats from the SPCA before. You wouldn't hold a baby like that either, or you'd be charged.

Posted by Hand Prince: Before I ever started the Handprints site, I went to New York City for a personal consultation with a first amendment lawyer who specialized in defending people accused of violating the chi1d p0rnography statutes.

Sorry, but the last time I checked, Summer's grandmother was her guardian now it's Billy & Todd.the same goes for the guitarists, drummer, the bassist, the pianist etc etc......there ae musciains who understand what a song is, and there are those who never will.... I suspect that Campbell's first trip to Toronto was as a Beach Boy in the mid-'60s.A photo of him with bandmates graced a CHUM chart of the time. If you have problems reading this page, see the answers to frequently asked questions about the guestbook. Of course Seals & Crofts were not in the original Champs that recorded Tequila; as you know Bill. " He did well with chord charts, though, did some great guitar solos and was fantastic on the record dates." is a quote from that article on Campbell.... so many sessions, you go in with charts and the melody and inherent melody & groove of the song. and in many cases not many people ever hear of them. Location: Tronto John D: I recall you being chums with Seals and Crofts back in the '70s.You can add your own comments by signing the guestbook. If you are looking for previous entries or posters, try searching the guestbook archives. The players feel their parts & the's a band, well, it's a band, but if it;s not, the songwriter/producer, or the songwriter or the producer, or both of em, are choosing players for their ability to feel every aspect of the song- through the changes and lyrics and the form ( and may have to guide em but usually not)........ Were they still in the Champs when Glen Campbell passed through?

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